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Temperature logger (CC-L01)

Cypress Control has developed a technically sophisticated temperature logger that is compact, inexpensive and flexible. The logger provides accurate temperature records (accuracy of 0,2 °C), frequent temperature measurements (one measurement a minute) and has an industry leading memory of 90 days*.
This temperature logger is ideal for applications where accuracy and detailed information are essential!


*After 90 days, the newest recordings start overwriting the older records. This way you always have the last 90 days of data on the logger.

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Base Station (CC-S01)

Having accurate and detailed temperature records is nice.
But what is this information worth, if you aren’t informed on time about any abnormality?
That is why we developed our Base Station.
The Base Station is a communication tool. It transmits updates to you in real time, so that you can act upon.  
The Base Station uses the mobile network to send text messages (SMS) with alarms and if you have a data plan, it can also send data to the website directly. This enables you to visualize the temperature charts online.


On the website, the temperature records are processed and analyzed according to your parameters. This has several advantages.

Firstly, it enables to generate automatic reports that are sent by e-mail at customer defined intervals to multiple receivers.

Secondly, it enables to centralize the temperature records from multiple loggers, from multiple sites in one centralized location. This facilitates the compliance with applicable norms and regulations and the follow up of the situation.

Thirdly, it makes the system tamper-proof. The information on each logger is encrypted and can only be decrypted in the cloud.