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How to record the temperature the right way?

The right way to perform temperature monitoring is to use a good data logger. A data logger will perform temperature measurements at regular intervals and will store this information digitally for later processing.

What makes the CC-L01 Cypress Control data logger unique?

  1. The accuracy (0,2°C)

  2. Measurement frequency (1 measurement every minute)

  3. Storage memory (129 600 measurement points = 90 days of recordings)

  4. Arrival sensor

The CC-L01 Cypress Control data logger is a simple to use product, it is automated and cheat proof.

Arrival sensor?

During shipment, the CC-L01 logger is inserted with the monitored goods in the transport box or shipping container. On arrival, the receiver will open the transported box to retrieve the logger and thereby expose the logger to light. This peak in light measurement can serve as the proxy for arrival at destination. It also enables to check if customs or anyone else has opened the box during transport.

The logger will continue measuring the temperature till pause is pressed or till it is inserted in a computer.

Alternatively, the light sensor also provides useful information when the logger is monitoring fridges… As you know, when the door is open, the light is on, and an increase in temperature can be explained.

What happens when the data logger memory is full?

The CC-L01 Cypress Control data logger has a memory for 90 days of recordings. After these 90 days, the newest record will overwrite the oldest temperature measurement. This way, you always have the last 90 days of data on your device.

By uploading your recordings to you ensure that all the measurements are safely stored and accessible online.

What does do?

On this website you can:

  • Decrypt the recorded files on CC-L01 Cypress Control data logger (this is to avoid tampering)

  • Visualize the registered temperatures

  • Create (automatic) reports according to your evaluation parameters

  • Create shipment and storage specific templates for analysis

  • Store the uploaded files

By working on a cloud platform, the data of different geographical locations is centralized. This centralization enables one person to supervise all the temperature records of a large chain of supermarkets or laboratories.

Is the website for free?

Yes, you can upload and store your temperature records online for free.

What does the Base Station do?

The CC-S01 Base Station is a communication tool. The CC-L01 Cypress Control data loggers are connected by USB cable to the Base Station.


After a quick configuration, it will:

  • Display the current temperature and the names of up to 4 loggers

  • Display the average, lowest and highest temperature over the last 24 hours

  • Display the average, lowest and highest temperature over the last 7 days

  • Send alarms by text message (SMS) to the designated parties.

  • Upload automatically the temperature measurements to the cloud. (This requires a SIM card and a working mobile subscription with a data plan.)


This way, you can act upon the available information and remediate the situation. This enables you to safeguard your goods, therefore avoiding significant losses.


If you use a SIM card with a data plan, the Base Station will also automatically upload the measurements to for automatic reporting.

Cypress Control Schema's base station en

Why use the Mobile Network?

Using the mobile network (instead of WIFI) has multiple advantages.

First, it makes the setup easier and quicker (no firewall configuration, no routers, no IT specialist needed). In just five minutes you are ready to go!

Secondly, transmission antennas of the mobile network tend to have back-up power. As the Base Station has a battery, you will therefore still receive notifications even if the power is off in your facility.

Last but not least, this is the most convenient way to get a notification on your mobile phone.

Can you use the logger without Base Station?

Yes, you can!
The only thing you need to do is to insert the logger in a computer and manually upload the data to our website.

After doing so, an automatic report  is sent by email to selected recipients on user-defined intervals.