Base Station

Base Station


The Base Station displays the current temperature and average temperature over 24 hours and 7 days of up to four connected temperature loggers.

It will also send text messages with alarms (Temperature too high, Temperature too low, power out, power back) to up to seven designated persons. 

This way you can act upon the available information!


With a mobile internet data plan, the Base station can also upload the temperature recordings automatically to our cloud solution. This way you can visualize the temperatures remotely on your smartphone, tablet and computer on


  • Content

    • Universal plug power charger
    • USB cable
    • Configuration software
    • Instructions for use
  • Not included

    • SIM card
    • Temperature loggers (CC-L01)
  • Specifications

    • Display of current Temperature (by logger)
    • Display of Max./Min. and average temperature over 24 h (by logger)
    • Display of Max./Min. and average temperature over 7 days (by logger)
    • Connects up to 4 loggers
    • Data transmission by mobile network
    • Sends text messages with alarms (to up to 7 numbers)
    • Sends text messages with current temperature upon receiving the text message "Temperature?"
    • Transmits data to the cloud
    • Can use a power bank as power source
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